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Hydrogen Days Northwest 2023 have started at Etzel

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Kick-off with press talk to launch the Hydrogen Days Northwest 2023

Today, the starting signal was given for the Hydrogen Days Northwest 2023, which will make the diverse applications of hydrogen accessible to a broad public until June 18, 2023. At the kick-off press conference on the premises of STORAG ETZEL, Lower Saxony's Minister for Regional Development Wiebke Osigus and Economics Minister Olaf Lies discussed with other high-ranking representatives from politics and industry the great importance of cooperation between regional actors for the expansion of the Northwest Hydrogen Region.

Only through interdisciplinary networking of established clusters with knowledge institutes, economic actors and decision-makers from administration and politics could, according to the tenor, the necessary synergies be generated to jointly manage the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy as a region. The challenges of the energy transformation, such as the shortage of specialists and workers or the effective linking of climate protection with economic growth, cannot be mastered by any chamber, district or company alone. An important signal of the cooperation of the Northwest is therefore the closing of ranks of the Metropolitan Region Northwest with the H2 Region Emsland and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for East Frisia and Papenburg for the realization of the Hydrogen Days Northwest.


The kick-off event on the grounds of STORAG ETZEL offered participants the opportunity to exchange information with exhibitors about their innovative projects and solutions and to find out what keeps hydrogen pioneers busy. In addition to hydrogen-powered vehicles, a variety of exhibits were presented to illustrate the potential of hydrogen. Hydrogen Days Northwest 2023 now promises a week of exciting events and networking opportunities.

For more information about the events and regional contacts, visit www.wasserstofftage-nordwest.de.

The Metropolitan Region Northwest has initiated the Hydrogen Days Northwest 2022 together with the regional stakeholders. It will be implemented in 2023 in cooperation with the H2 Region Emsland and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for East Frisia and Papenburg with the aim of making the thematic expertise and competence of the region visible. The Hydrogen Days Northwest 2023 will take place from June 10 to June 18, 2023 under the motto "Experience Hydrogen" and will be an official partner of the WEEK OF HYDROGEN.


Quotes from the speakers at the press conference:

Wiebke Osigus, Lower Saxony Minister for Federal and European Affairs and Regional Development: "Only with hydrogen and with our regions can we achieve the energy transition. With hydrogen, we can free ourselves from dependence on gas and oil and from the emission of climate-damaging greenhouse gases. This energy transition needs to be implemented locally. That's why we need regional networks of business, science, administration and local people. The regions are the key to the energy transition. And that's why the Hydrogen Days of the Metropolitan Region Northwest are an important exclamation point for regional value creation and acceptance."

Olaf Lies, Lower Saxony Minister for Economic Affairs, Transport, Building and Digitalization: "Hydrogen is one of the central energy carriers of the future and thus one of the keys to a successful transformation of our economy. Cooperation across borders is crucial for the successful development and deployment of hydrogen technologies, especially if we are willing to learn from each other. We are building nothing less than a new country right now. We can only do that together. The Northwest has a central role to play in this. We're not just becoming a transit country for the energy turnaround, but creating new value creation as well as good and sustainable jobs."

Martina Kruse, head of economic development in the Emsland district, on the municipal perspective: "In the future, hydrogen will make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, especially in local industry, manufacturing, but also mobility. At the same time, the development of the hydrogen economy will create further opportunities for the districts, such as the establishment of new companies. If we now consistently support this, the development of a hydrogen economy will be a win-win situation for climate protection and economic growth in the entire Northwest."

Theo Eilers, Vice President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for East Frisia and Papenburg: "Hydrogen will fill a dual role for our economy in the future. On the one hand, hydrogen offers the possibility to use our renewable energies more efficiently and, for example, to reduce the shutdown times of wind turbines. On the other hand, it opens up a new business field with potential: our companies are resourceful and innovative and are already in the process of leveraging new economic potential within the hydrogen economy. And that's exactly what we need as a region, so that we actually achieve value creation through the hydrogen economy instead of simply becoming a transit region."

Peter Hoffmeyer, 1st Chairman of the Northwest Metropolitan Region: "As a region, we should aggressively promote our locational advantages for the hydrogen economy. We in the Northwest have enormous potential for the expansion of renewable energies and thus for the production of green hydrogen, and thus a unique selling point that is crucial for the future development of energy supply. The Northwest Metropolitan Region is committed to the energy transformation and supports innovative regional projects for the expansion of the hydrogen economy and other projects for the implementation of the energy transition from the support fund of the states of Bremen and Lower Saxony."

[Northwest Metropolitan Region press release, amended]