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H2CAST Etzel – Making energy transition work. | Detail

Visit from Lower Saxony's Minister President Stephan Weil to STORAG ETZEL / H2CAST Etzel on 05.09.2023

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Once again, high ranking visitors from the state politics in the Infobox of STORAG ETZEL GmbH!

Despite his busy schedule, the Minister President of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil, spent 90 minutes last Tuesday afternoon learning about the Etzel cavern facility, STORAG ETZEL and the progress of our ongoing hydrogen pilot project H2CAST Etzel. 

The representatives of STORAG ETZEL, including Boris Richter and H2CAST project manager Carsten Reekers, were able to present the important role of the Etzel cavern storage facility in the H2 regional development in the Wilhelmshaven area with the neighbouring districts of Friesland and Wittmund in the course of the future hydrogen market ramp-up. This also includes corporate planning for the further Jever-Berdum cavern field for green hydrogen.

The Energy Hub - Port Of Wilhelmshaven is the starting point for the transformation of our energy supply and will ensure up to 60 % of Germany's H2 supply in 2030 - if the framework conditions are right and the pace is set for the pipeline infrastructure. 

STORAG ETZEL thanked the Minister President Weil also via Linkedin for the intensive exchange and the discussion at eye level! Our future: oil, gas AND hydrogen!