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H2CAST Etzel – Making energy transition work. | Detail

STORAG ETZEL informed residents about the H2Cast project and the Wilhelmshaven Energy Hub

News / Update Events

STORAG ETZEL employees presented current topics at the Etzel site to interested citizens and residents of the Etzel cavern facility at an evening event on 24.10.2023 as part of a neighbourhood information event.

STORAG ETZEL's main topics at the event were the hydrogen pilot and research project "H2CAST ETZEL", the regional development in the "Energy Hub - Port of Wilhelmshaven", which also affects Etzel, and the designation of additional commercial and industrial areas at the Etzel site, which is being sought in coordination with the municipality of Friedeburg. 

The information event was well attended. The opportunity to exchange views on the evening's topics in dialogue was used constructively. With this event format, STORAG ETZEL regularly provides information on current, new topics at the site.

Further information on STORAG ETZEL and H2CAST Etzel can be found at www.storag-etzel.de and www.h2cast.com.